The Innovation Workshop

The Innovation Workshop

As part of the activities the Nigeria Dairy & Beverage Expo (NDBE) annually, there will be a central ‘Innovation Workshop’ on the sidelines of the expo which will be a wide forum with valuable information about the development of the dairy & beverage industry.

The workshop is in collaboration with various research and development institutions to give a profound impulse into the most recent discoveries and innovative headways in the field of food science and technology, bringing leading intellects to a platform for round table confab on food innovation and its progress.

It will also offer an excellent opportunity to find out what leading dairy & beverage industry experts are thinking, working on and interested in. It allows brands to demonstrate the value they are creating for the consumers and how to transform this into a sustainable growth together.  It is also a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with stakeholders and major players within and outside the industry including government agencies on required policies. It will definitely be a learning process for all professionals.

This innovative workshop will offer distinctive feedbacks to renowned departments of food science and beverages, public health nutritional facts, scientists, speculative researchers, food researchers, scholar’s and decision makers both from academia, government and other industries. Part of the panel discussions will focus on dairy investment and growth opportunities, newest dairy technology and innovations, new engagement possibilities, future innovations & regulations, patterns for dairy intake/beverage intake & composition, among others. Speakers and panelists will be drawn from government regulatory agencies, top executives of dairy companies, research organisations, investors and media in setting agendas for the industry.

Positioning to be the industry’s most influential industry workshop in Africa, the Innovation Workshop will collect, display and analyze the most successful business cases and the most creative ideas in the forum, aiming to offer valuable insights in future trends for decision makers as well as facilitate a healthy development for the whole industry.  The workshop will also form part of the intelligences for the Nigeria Dairy and Beverage Report 2019 which will be published in the first quarter of year 2020.

The ‘Innovation Workshop’ is an opportunity for industry stakeholders, government agencies and consumers to deliberately and jointly set agenda for the industry.