Given the right tools and opportunities, farmers can increase their incomes and contribute to the growth of the dairy market in Nigeria. Cows are one of the most valuable and profitable assets for farming families especially in the northern part of the country.

Many dairy producers lack business skills, knowledge of proper production technologies, access to inputs and services.

Part of the interventions will be the formation of competitive dairy business hubs in forms of managed dairy chilling plants. These chilling plants allow farmers to access formal dairy markets and improve the quality of milk sold in traditional markets. The hub model will also facilitate access to a variety of services, including finance, agricultural inputs, health care, genetic improvement technologies and community-based animal health services. A “checkoff system” allows farmers to access these services and products even when they have no money, upon which a deduction is made from their monthly earnings.

The interventions will also facilitate improved market linkages between farmer-owned dairy enterprises and leading processors in the country. Aside empowering farmer enterprises to negotiate for better prices, processors will recognize the farmer enterprises as important partners.

Based on competition and competitive farmer milk prices, processors will also enter into strategic alliances with farmer enterprises that go beyond milk supply contracts. It will include offering technical assistance to farmers to improve milk quality, financing field days and farmer training, and providing access to low-cost inputs and transport services. Also, banks will no longer exhibit restraint in lending to farmer businesses and considered lending to agriculture a risky venture.

While the Nigeria Dairy & Beverage Expo creates visible awareness dairy brands which should lead to increase in milk consumption, the farmer intervention programmes will increase the production of milk locally.

Building on the success and learning from different programmes each year, our mediations will help thousands of livestock farming families in Nigeria double their dairy incomes with improved market access to a robust dairy value chain that benefits all industry stakeholders.