The interventions of NDDP will facilitate the expansion of dairy markets and traditional milk products in Nigeria.

Aside thousands of farmers that will be involved in dairy farming, more thousands of people will benefit from the off-farm activities along the dairy value chain.

The dairy subsector will contribute to national economic growth, food security and nutrition, the empowerment of women and young people, and sustainable and climate-resilient dairy value chain development.

Through ‘climate-smart dairy production’, dairy farmers will learn to sustainably achieve higher volumes of quality milk to the dairy market. RDDP also aims to build the capacity of cooperatives in milk collection and marketing, input supply, animal-health, breeding and financial services, in order to increase earnings and incomes.

Infrastructure is also an important part of the project. RDDP will work to facilitate investments in processing and marketing infrastructure to help reduce post-production losses and enhancing the supply of quality milk in domestic and regional markets.

The project will also facilitate the establishment of a policy framework and institutional structure for the dairy sector.